Do You Know All You Need to Know about the Probate Process?

Do You Know All You Need to Know about the Probate Process?

If you are in or around Batesville, Oxford or Hernando, MS, allow Lori to draft your estate planning documents.

If you need to manage a deceased loved one's estate, contest a will or put your own affairs in order, you’ll find the help you need at the Law Office of Lori M. Solinger.

As a means of determining the validity of a will and inventorying a decedent's assets, the probate process can be lengthy and emotionally charged. Nobody wants to fight over their loved one's possessions, but sometimes you have no choice. After a relative passes and before you enter Chancery Court, hire the Law Office of Lori M. Solinger, located in Batesville but servicing Oxford, Hernando and all Northern Mississippi. Lori is knowledgeable in all aspects of estate law and can help you:

  • Navigate the probate process
  • Administer your loved one's estate correctly
  • Designate the person who will make medical and legal decisions for you
  • Plan for the distribution of your property
  • Determine who will care for your family after you’re gone

Skip the courtroom drama surrounding your loved one's property and make sure your family has access to valid end-of-life documents. Schedule an appointment with the Law Office of Lori M. Solinger in Batesville, Oxford & Hernando, MS today, before it’s too late to plan for your estate.